Benefits and Culture

Benefits and Culture

Diversity & Inclusion

We share Bill Bernbach’s belief that an idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

The work we do is built on ideas, and diversity is integral to our creative process. We love people from all walks of life and the unique stories and perspectives they bring to the table. People who aren’t afraid to disagree, break the rules, and be different. We celebrate individuality and yet work as one collective mind. At the DDB Mudra Group, diversity and inclusion is our creative fuel. Not only with the people we hire, but also with the businesses we choose to partner with.

The Group has also been recognised for its efforts to nurture talent, and for its commitment towards building a diverse, equal and inclusive culture.

  • Awarded Gold for Campaign South Asia Talent Development Program, 4 years in a row.
  • Ranked as IWEI’s Top Employers 2020 for the LGBT+ Community, becoming the first Indian advertising agency to be featured on the list.
  • The first Indian advertising network to extend its medical policies to same-sex and live-in couples.


Our Initiatives

The Phyllis India Project

The Phyllis India Project is a comprehensive leadership program that aims to create a community of women leaders that support each other. The program focuses on the personal and professional growth of top women performers at the DDB Mudra Group. It is inspired by the legendary Phyllis Robinson, the first female copy chief at DDB and in the US.

OPEN Pride

An Omnicom initiative, OPEN Pride promotes awareness, acceptance and advocacy by creating equal opportunities for leadership, visibility, community involvement, networking and business for the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies.

Equal Parenting

Equal Parenting ungenders parental and familial roles for parents to achieve personal and professional growth while giving their best to their children. The program redefines the roles of fathers and mothers in parenting, addresses how families can get involved, and helps us prepare for new and expectant parents.

Free The Bid

To drive equal representation in advertising and film production, the DDB Mudra Group, along with Diageo, has pledged to Free The Bid and put forward at least one woman director as part of any creative bids.

The Four Freedoms

Talent is our strength. To realize its full potential, we strive to provide talent with an environment that encourages creative pursuits. The most important element of such a talent-friendly environment is the presence of freedom.

At the DDB Mudra Group, we offer the Four Freedoms to each employee.

  • Freedom from Fear
    Fear is created by intimidation and paralyses the creative mind. Management by intimidation has no place in our organization.
  • Freedom to Fail
    It is the very nature of creative talent to explore beyond the known. If the quest for the new is responsible and intelligent, talent must not be criticized for daring to fail.
  • Freedom from Chaos
    The talented mind may seem erratic, but it welcomes an understanding of responsibilities that is clear, yet roomy enough to permit the floating dream. These responsibilities must be well understood, and all parties must live up to the agreement.
  • Freedom to Be
    Every individual has the right to be treated with dignity, to be encouraged and supported in their ambitions for higher achievement. Beyond providing for professional growth, talent must also be allowed to enjoy a life in which there is time for personal fulfilment, laughter, love, and celebration.

Our Policies

  • Our medical insurance policy extends to all couples: same-sex, hetero, live-in, married and unmarried.
  • At 12 weeks, arguably the best paternity leave policy in the industry
  • Flexible vacation program that enables people to take time off when they need
  • Comprehensive DDB Wellness program for physical and mental well-being
  • Investment in your growth through year-long training mapped to career goals and future capability building with DDB Next
  • As a global network, our connections enable us to provide exposure to international best practices and training opportunities across markets and countries